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Retail Management Software

Retail Management Software

Retail business satisfies the demand generated by customers. In the background, it is hard to manage all things like billing stock articles, etc. Penny(GST) – Retail Management Software is the best option it handles all your tasks related to Financial Accounts & Billing. Basic computer knowledge is required to work on Penny(GST) – Retail Management Software. You can easily manage your stock with the help of it. Excel Plugin and Barcode Printing is the main specialty of this software. If already barcode is tagged on articles by Manufacturers then you can easily create billing for that also. You can also create your barcodes for your brand.

Store Inventory Management Software

Inventory management of store is easy now with Penny(GST)- Store Inventory Management Software. With the help of Penny(GST), you can manage financial accounts, Billing, Stocks, Barcodes. Excel Plugin and option for Barcode printing makes it special. You can also download your Bank Reconciliation Statements. Without any special computer knowledge, you can manage inventory with ease. The best feature of Store Inventory Management Software is that you can import purchase bills into it, generate your barcodes and also you can do billing with barcodes provided by the manufacturer with ease. It also helps you to handle banking-related tasks.

Supermarket Management Software

Supermarket- as its name implies it is the place where the customer finds various options for buying different kinds of goods. It is a very tough task to manage all the things manually so as a solution Penny(GST)- Super Market Management Software is the best at all. It helps the Manager as well as to operator for data entry. Thorugh it you can handle various operations like print barcodes, import purchase billing, stock maintenance, financial accounting management & many more. Penny(GST)- Super Market Management Software is the best software for supermarkets. It also has theft control which secures the data from getting theft.

Store Management System Software

Manual management of store related data is complicated. There is various software available in the market but Penny(GST)- Store Management System Software is best. It gives you the best options to manage Sales Billings, Purchase Billings, Maintenance of Stocks & many more. Through the Purchase Bill Import option, you can import all the purchasing bills to the system. You can also export and import excel sheets. Very basic computer knowledge is required to operate Penny(GST)- Store Management System Software. Through the theft control option, you can restrict the operator for unauthorized access to data. It gives 360-degree freedom to manage all things.

Footwear Management Software

In the footwear store, there are different articles with different colors and sizes available. Managing the data of those articles is such a big task. For data entry of all the articles with the whole information Penny(GST)- Footwear Management Software is a perfect option. Through it, you can generate your bill with your store’s logo which helps you to make a brand image. Apart from that, you can handle Sales & Purchase Billing, Generate Barcodes, Bank Reconciliation Statements, Normal Bank Statements, and many more. Penny(GST)- Footwear Management Software requires only basic knowledge. It is the best solution for your footwear business.

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