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Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management Software

To manage the data of the hotel or restaurant business manually is a very complicated task. To solve this issue Hotel Management Software 5 -Star is the best software. By using it you can manage your hotel and restaurant business easily. The services of this software are stock management, bill management, reservation check-in, and check-out, financial accountancy, etc. Hotel Management Software 5 -Star is the perfect option at all. It also provides admin features by using them owners has all the rights to control the activity of users. There is not any kind of computer expertness necessary to operate the software.

Accommodation Booking Software 5-Star the best software to manage all the operations related to your hotel and restaurant. It provides you a bunch of services which are very easy to execute. The services it offers are stock management, multiple rooms booking in a single entry & many more. Other services promised by Accommodation Booking Software 5-Star are customer bill generation, bill format design. Hotel owners can restrict the operator for unauthorized access. The best part of this software is that it does not require any expert knowledge of computers and accounts. In any case, if the system gets crashed then your data will remain safe.

Best Hotel Management Software

Hotel and restaurant business is one of the large service provider business. Daily, there are lots of data and money transactions take place which is a challenging task. 5-Star Best Hotel Management Software is the best option for you if you facing the same challenge. It helps you throughout the day to day tasks. By using this software you can manage all the reservations, you can check the status of reservation that how many rooms are occupied and how many are vacant. The operator can easily enter the check-in details in 5-Star Best Hotel Management Software by just a single entry.

Restaurant Management Software

Managing table booking in restaurants is a hectic task which requires expertness but it is not possible for all. To solve this problem 5- Star is the Best Restaurant Management Software. This software maintains all the records and stock efficiently. By using it you can check the status of table booking like how many tables are reserved, how many occupied and status of vacant tables. 5- Star Restaurant Management Software is also useful to manage daily sales, current booking and also designing the format of the bill. Without any kind of expert skill, you can use it easily.

Restaurant Billing Software

Now billing is not an issue for restaurant owners. 5 -Star Restaurant Billing Software is the best solution to all your billing related issues. It gives you the facility to handle the data of bills and also you can design your format of the bill according to the need. This software shows booking status through the dashboard option where you can see all the details. 5 -Star Restaurant Billing Software is very easy to operate. It’s all options are very easy to operate without any financial and computer knowledge. By using this software you can decide which payment has to be used.

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